The Power of the Tongue

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There is POWER in the tongue. When we communicate with others, there is a lot at stake. Although the tongue appears small in comparison to other parts of our body, when used in anger, it cuts and hurts like a knife. People die mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, when the tongue is used as mass destruction. If used in anger, it destroys marriages, friendships, careers, reputations, sex life, self-esteem, hopes, dreams, etc.

It can also edify and uplift those we love. It can give life to the wounded and broken-hearted. It can make marriages strong, communities come together, and families healthy.

So, what will come out of your mouth today? Are you speaking life into everyone you interact with or are you killing their spirit with death?

In this 2-hour intro workshop we will touch on:

  • the power of language
  • compassionate communication skills
  • how to communicate your feelings and needs
  • how to identify sensations within your body
  • how to express yourself in a way that ensures you are being heard
  • how to use empathy, honesty, and compassion, while gaining complete confidence in the way you communicate or listen to others
  • Life and death are in the power of the tongue, so what will YOU choose?

This will be an interactive workshop to help you re-shape your programming and re-pattern your language.


Investment: $50 per person

Dates: October 10, 2020 from 1 pm – 3 pm PST 

Dates: October 24, 2020 from 1 pm – 3 pm PST 

Location: Virtual (Link will be provided to participants)



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