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Bondassage® 101 is where Bondage meets Massage. Created to expand your bedroom repertoire and bring a high level of intimacy and delight to those you touch. Seductively intriguing for sensually adventurous individuals and couples.

Take your sensual skill set to a higher level of profound intimacy with Bondassage® 101.

The Bondassage® 101 tantalizing workshop includes sensual fun and creativity that is designed to enrich your personal sensual play. Learn how to access your inner Dominant and skillfully excite your partner into sublime, sensual surrender by creating safe and comfortable adventurous scenarios.

Learn the foundational skills and tools needed to create a unique Bondassage experience and practice as a group and in partners, using a combination of bondage knowledge, massage techniques, breath/energy work, body percussion, sensory depravation, and sensation play.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will practice as a group and in partners, using the elements of Bondassage: sensual massage techniques, breath/energy work, sensory and sensation play.

Learn and Explore:
• Negotiated Surrender: Verbal and written boundary setting exercise
• Dialoguing giving and receiving roles
• Sensory Deprivation using blindfolds
• Sensation Play using household pervertibles
• Massage Techniques on hands/arms for partnered and self-massage

Exercises will first be shown by demonstration, and then you are invited to practice with your partner and fellow attendees. Each participant’s personal safety, consent and comfort level will be addressed for each exercise with respect, honor and trust. Massage skills/techniques can be experienced on self or with an exercise partner. Participants may choose who they wish to partner with. Partnering is an option. Observing is deemed participation and a different way of learning.

About Bondassage: Bondassage® is the ultimate in kinky sensual massage. If you are into bondage, erotic massage and sensual domination, you will want to learn this new wave of erotic massage experience.

Due to COVID19, this workshop is virtual.  There will be no nudity!

What’s next?
Are you ready to take the Bondassage® 101 workshop to the next level?

Contact me for an individual or couple immersive Bondassage® workshop:

  • Private Immersive for Lovers (4-hours)
  • Private Immersive for Lovers (8-hours)
  • Learn to Receive Bondassage® (2 hours)
  • Learn to Give Bondassage® (2-4 hours) *model will be supplied

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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