Sensual, Seductive, Sexy, and Saved™

Couples Coaching Programs - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Are you tired of the judgement and double standards we, as women, face from the church? Do you find yourself questioning what a Christian woman or wife looks like? Have you found yourself conforming without really knowing why you are doing what you are doing? Or, have you heard so many messages from the church about being sexy, that it has not only affected your confidence, but your relationship?

It is time to get real and learn the truth about what it means to be a sexy woman and saved.

Did you know the devil was cleverly disguised as an angel? And with everything that we know and believe about angels, we tend to find comfort in knowing they are looking and watching over us. But, guess what? The devil does not have to hide anymore. He is in plain sight. He has shown up to steal, kill and destroy.

When it comes to our relationships, he does not have to do a thing, but sit back and watch us destroy what was meant for good. He does not have to work hard or create any new tricks because we are doing his dirty work for him, by tearing each other down and killing our loved one’s spirits with our tongues.

Are YOU going to let him win?

Our relationships are under attack and it is up to us to utilize the tools that were given to us to fight back, stand for love, commitment and intimacy.

So, what are YOU waiting for?

Are YOU going to keep sitting back on the sidelines while he runs rampant and steals your relationships?

Are YOU going to keep operating nonchalantly knowing that your relationship, that you prayed for, is hanging on by a thread?

Are you going to continue being lazy, sit back and watch, while the devil prances Jezebel in your husband or partners path to do what YOU will not do?

Or, are YOU going to stand in your power, roll up your sleeves, and take back what is yours by doing the work necessary to grow and build up your relationship?

God never promised the road would be easy, but when you build your foundation on truth, unconditional love, & the Word of God, you cannot fail.

So, what are YOU going to do?

I do not know about you, but it is time for us to serve him notice.

Are YOU ready? Then join me as we blast through church myths, address generational conditioning, cut through your limiting beliefs, break down walls of sexual taboos, and much more, so you too can freely be Sensual, Seductive, Sexy, and Saved™.


In this 4-week program, you will learn:

  • To embrace the Woman and Lover God has called you to be
  • To redefine your relationship between sensuality and spirituality
  • To develop a healthy relationship with yourself and your sexuality
  • To gain confidence in yourself & your relationship
  • To live authentically and step into your feminine power
  • And….so much more!

​This interactive group program is virtual.  Each session consists of 90 minutes and will meet at the same time each week.

Dates: TBD

Location: Zoom


    Please Note: There will be NO nudity.  Any demonstrations conducted will be done on anatomical models.

    Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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