Gentlemens Coaching Program - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Welcome to the Gentlemen’s club!

Most gentlemen clubs are private social clubs that have strict standards, dress codes, and a membership that weeds out men that do not fit specific criteria. This creates separation between men. Our gentlemen’s club is all inclusive because we believe that once you uncover, explore, and peel back all the layers that keep a man from standing in his true power, a true gentleman emerges. Thus, ALL men can learn to be gentle-men. We know you get a bad rap sometimes and we want you to know that we honor YOU.

You have come to the right place if you are a man, who was born with a lingam (penis) and/or identifies with being a man. Our programs are specifically designed to help men honor, support and explore all that you are.

So, if you:

  • deal with fear or shame
  • have experienced any form of abuse (emotional, mental, physical, psychological, financial) and want to take your power back
  • have never experienced what real passion feels like
  • are stuck and want to spice up your relationship
  • are frustrated for not getting the women you desire
  • want to gain more confidence
  • experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  • want to understand or heal your addiction to porn
  • want to learn how to become a better lover
  • and so much more…… then join one of our programs or attend a workshop.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Are you not into group coaching and want a more individualized approach? Are you ready to reach your goals faster than you ever would on your own?

Then private coaching is for you.


Being Authentically You Mens Coaching Program - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Were you told that real man never cry? Did you grow up feeling out of place, like you were not masculine enough because you did not watch and play sports or chase multiple women? Discover what a conscious masculine man truly looks and feels like.  


Undefiled Coaching Program - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Are you married or in a relationship and still feel alone? Have you chosen to go outside of your marriage or relationship because your partner is unwilling to meet your needs?  Making the wrong choice causes years of pain and mistrust.  Learn to discover your partners needs and create the relationship you truly desire!


Healing Sexual Dysfunction for Men Coaching Program - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Men are you in pain, suffering in silence and accepting things may never get better.  Why turn to and become dependent on harmful medication that ultimately places your life in jeopardy?  Take control and learn proven holistic techniques that could eradicate premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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