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Couples Coaching Programs - Flavors of Pleasure with Camilla Davis

Do you ever wonder why you have not attracted your soul mate or twin flame?

Have you experienced abuse or past trauma that prevents you from experiencing pleasure in your life?

Have you lost yourself in your relationship, career, or other obligations?

Are you experiencing barriers that are holding you back and are finally ready to blast through the patterns?

If group programs do not interest you, then private one-on-one coaching may be just what you need.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to admit they have questions or just do not know what to do, especially when it comes to sex, love, or relationships. But rather than find out the answers, they suffer in silence, which leads to unhealthy marriages or relationships and sometimes, divorce.

We all come to a place in life where we need some guidance or support. Some shy away from it because of our upbringing, spiritual beliefs, cultural norms, while others believe they have all the answers. But no matter how much you know, learned, been told, or experienced, there is always something more to learn.

Our society is always looking for quick fixes. So, you become a serial dater, hoping to find love. You jump in and out of relationships so you will not be alone. You disassociate and push down your feelings while masking them with food or pornography. Or, you invest in a pill to help with sexual dysfunction. Each of these experiences keeping you disconnected from yourself. Hence, the problem with quick fixes. They always backfire.

It takes years to create some of the drama and challenges we face in our life. That means it will also take time to work through, uncover, and heal the blocks that are hindering us from having the life we desire.

Some may feel more comfortable hiring a personal trainer, mechanic, nutritionist, plumber, or advisor, to make improvements or to fix a particular issue. But, when it comes to bettering our sex life or relationships with ourselves or others, we hide our pain and suffer in silence. Are you ready to take the mask off and invest the time necessary to do the work?

One-on-one high-level coaching is available in packages for those individuals or couples who desire to learn in a private setting via phone, video, or in person. A unique personalized plan tailored just for you. And, you are partnering with someone who is willing to get into the trenches with you and provide personal attention. The type of attention not always possible in a group setting.

Private coaching is only for individuals who are 100% ready to say “Yes” to themselves or their relationship and committed to being healed, empowered, nurtured, and supported. These sessions are designed to support you on your journey of self-discovery, self-exploration, & sexual freedom.

So, if you:

  • deal with fear or shame
  • have experienced any form of abuse (emotional, mental, physical, psychological, financial) and want to take your power back
  • want to discover who you are, learn to love yourself, and your body
  • want to learn to step into your femininity and learn to honor the masculine energy
  • desire to have and experience more pleasure, intimacy, and connection
    have no clue what you really want
  • are confused about intimacy and sex and just want a better understanding
  • are frustrated of not getting the women or men you desire
  • want to learn how to become a better lover
  • have erectile challenges or struggle with premature ejaculation
  • are addicted to pornography
  • are married, but still feel alone
  • want to learn how to effectively communicate
  • want to learn to have an orgasm, expand your orgasm, or become multi-orgasmic
  • want to learn how to have honest, unfiltered conversations with the opposite sex
  • want to break the vicious cycles of lack and dead-end relationships and much more….

Schedule your initial consultation. Your mind, body, and spirit will be happy you did!

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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