Working with Camilla has been very refreshing for me. She has helped me open up and talk about things that were hard for me to talk about as a man. Opening up about things from my childhood has helped me to understand how I view my relationship with my wife. Each week I look forward to speaking with her to explore new ways to become more intimate in my relationship. The process has been great!
Dejon J
Los Angeles, California

I was referred to Camilla, (Flavors of Pleasure), by a mutual friend. I started using her services in late 2017. When I met her the first time in person, I immediately bonded with her. She has a very warm personality and I felt really comfortable talking to her. Yes, I was hesitant our first few session, and thought how is she going to coach me on something that I don’t feel comfortable talking about.

Our first couple sessions were via phone and she asked me a lot of questions about my background and upbringing. I spoke to her as if she was one of my closest friends and found myself sharing things that I had never shared with anyone before including my closest friends. The next six sessions were via Zoom. Talking about seeing your truth. It forced me to truly look at myself as I spoke about what is usually a taboo topic for me. The eight-week session flew by. I found myself and discovered things about myself I never knew.

The one thing that I learned that I will continue to live, breathe and believe, is that what happens in the bedroom is a reflection of what happens outside the bedroom. Camilla helped me to reach a level of comfort and understanding about who and why I am. I would definitely recommend Camilla to anyone reaching out to her. She is a true professional that has a passion and love for what she does. She is committed to helping women stand in their power and be unapologetic about their desires.

Lorri Palmas
Laguna Niguel, California

“An honest and strong shoulder that supported me in working through some hard times. I had the honor to work with Camilla for several months as she helped me through some challenges in myself and my marriage. Her smile and infectious attitude overliie a strength and steadfastness that makes you see the choices in front of you and take accountability for your actions. Trust in her vision, sometimes the end goal may not be apparent, but Camilla’s experience and wisdom have a way of leading you where you need to be, and see what you need to see.”
Kelly – Western Canada

Working with Camilla has been a great experience for me! She is very insightful about what it takes to foster intimacy in relationships and has given me useful tools to practice to do so. Camilla has encouraged me to dive deep into self-reflection and journal my thoughts and feelings to express myself (which is difficult for me). Her intuitive nature and expertise in the field leads her to ask the right questions and has propelled me to gain more awareness about my needs and wants as well as my husband’s. In every one of our sessions, Camilla has made me feel comfortable in speaking unapologetically about those wants and needs as a woman. The way she imparts passion and knowledge about intimacy and sex has helped me tremendously! She has been a tremendous blessing in my life!
Shellee J
Los Angeles, California

Alice Davis - Rancho Cucamonga, California

It’s certainly a pleasure to give this review on Ms. Extraordinaire. What initially struck me about Camilla was her non- wavering loyalty. Loyalty to whom she loves and for every passion desired. Over the years she has become my confidant. She listens without judgement. Mindfully suggests and supports your views. You’re always left with a solution and food for thought.

Camilla puts her best foot forward and she’s all in the game with exuding interest. Camilla is one of the most knowledgeable professionals I know with articulating, spicy and detailed expressions. She can be as business minded or she can let her hair hang down like the girl next door. Keen on personality traits and preference is her gift. I highly recommend working with her. So be yourself and she’ll guide the way. I will forever appreciate all that I’ve learned, her support and love. Thanks Ms. Camilla

Alice Davis
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Valarie Grossman - Palm Springs, California

Camilla is a powerhouse of turn-on and wisdom. She is my *go to* for all topics related to sex and relationships. She has a playful electric groundedness that is enlivening to be near. Numerous times she has guided me to places of great clarity. HIGHLY recommend.
Valarie Grossman
Palm Springs, California

There were a lot of realizations after going through my initial call with Camilla. I didn’t realize how much trauma I was experiencing on a daily basis and it was good to uncover what that looked like & how it showed up in my life. All of these things that happened throughout my life were buried and they came rushing at me during our conversation. I struggled with dealing with conflict and ran away from it. I was very timid with communicating about sex & apprehensive about physical contact at times, although I had been with my partner for years.

Working with Camilla helped me to see how certain things affected my decisions and relationships. I learned how to be present, which was huge. Every time I finished a session, I felt like something had been lifted. I felt so relaxed and peaceful, I would take the best naps after my sessions. The practices relaxed me and helped me calm down in stressful situations. I didn’t even leave the house for a 1 ½ weeks, which is not normal because I was so relaxed in my space, I had no desire to go out in the world. I didn’t want anyone to interfere with that peace or try to take it away. Lol.
I became more open to talking & expressing my feelings in a positive way. I even noticed how my relationship started changing.

All the techniques I learned helped me get into this zone, a peaceful place, a center of energy, a feeling of euphoria. Our sessions got me excited because I’m learning the full potential of my body. There were lots of things I didn’t know. I’m more in tune to my body and able to make my pleasure experience even better by taking it to new heights. My sessions generated a lot of self-awareness. A lot of these subjects are not talked about and it’s refreshing to work with someone who creates such a safe & sacred space to explore and discuss certain things. I learned so much, it’s not just one thing. It’s so much, it’s enriching. It’s a journey. Camilla is so natural. This is who she is, it’s her being. She lived a lot of what we as women experience, which allows her to relate to what we go through. I think this is important for someone to know because it’s not just book study.
Karen Johnson
Vero Beach, Florida

Bondassage, that’s right Bond-ass-age, and sublime surrender is an apt description! When I arrived, I was nervous and exhausted from lack of sleep. Thankfully, I knew I was in good hands. Despite this my heart pounded as Camilla gently teased me. Following instructions I allowed myself to be taken on a journey of the senses, with unexpected turns, and soft soothing lulls between which led me deep into the depths of my subconscious, surrendering, with nothing but my senses to guide me. It felt incredible. More than a few times I drifted off, and each time I returned it was with laughter and a sense of safety and acceptance. I was played like an instrument, which as a musician I revelled in. Thank you!
Bondassage® Session
Bex – Calgary, Canada

Bondassage is a fantastic journey of sensation, a story woven across the body in satin, rope and steel. For me, Camilla wrote a wondrous tale of sensuality, exploration and learning. Her vivacious and fun loving attitude instantly put me at ease and set the stage for an incredible experience. Highly recommended!
Bondassage® Session
KM – Calgary, Canada

My Bondassage session with Camilla was amazing! As a super sensualist, I loved feeling her hands, various textures and soft sensations on my skin. Quickly, I felt my body dropping deeply into itself with pleasure. She is highly skilled with massage and when combined with the bondage aspect, the session left my body feeling tantalizing and satisfied. I highly recommend Camilla for a Bondassage session and will be booking another one with her!
Bondassage® Session
CM – Calgary, Canada

My first Elysium massage was full of many sensual, soft and pampering experiences. The massage of warm hands and deliciously super soft textures of satin and fur engaged my senses while the light caress of satin enveloped my wrists and ankles. An amazing experience to delight the senses and nourish the soul. I’m eager to book my next one.
Elysium® Session
CM – Calgary, Canada

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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