What Is Your Primary Love Language

Jan 22, 2019

Life happens….. Some of us have to wear a mask to navigate through life. Do you? What are you hiding? Do people love you or the mask you put on every day? How many masks do you wear in your life? Masks represent all the ways we hide in our life. We mask our broken pieces as we portray an air of perfection. We live our lives giving the impression that we don’t struggle or that we have all the answers. However, we’re struggling & battling to make it day to day. We have societal & cultural beliefs that keep us stuck making us believe there is no other way. Privately crying behind closed doors so no one knows your pain. Some of us wear so many masks that we do not even realize they are still on. There was a time in my life that I too wore a mask. We all have done it because masks protect us. We try to appear smarter, nicer, or stronger than we really are, but when something happens or a rug is pulled out from under us, the mask can’t sustain its position. People start to see who you really are, which for some, can be debilitating. Every time we put on that mask, another part of ourselves die. This is not only self-sabotage, but also abuse. It’s not easy wearing masks every day. Aren’t you tired of hiding? Do you know who you really are or want to be? Are you ready to reclaim your power, live in your truth & be your authentic self? Are you ready to heal your shame and become UNAPOLOGETIC about your desires?

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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