8 Different Orgasms for Men

Jan 8, 2019

saaaA lot of times in our culture, when we actually talk about orgasm, we speak of orgasms for women. We don’t take into account or consider our men. Male pleasure is just as important as female pleasure, but we assume that all you have to do is stroke his penis, then he will have an orgasm. Although this may be true for some men, male orgasms are a little more complex than that. A man can have non-committal orgasms (some women too), which means they have no feelings about the person and their emotions are not involved. So, having sex or getting a hand job will ensure they have an orgasm. In this scenario, orgasm is defined as ejaculation.
However, what about the other types of orgasms a man can have? Before I share those with you, let me share the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.

Orgasm is an expansion of energy throughout the entire body, whereas ejaculation is a function of the sympathetic nervous system. When a man ejaculates, the brain produces prolactin which makes him feel sleepy. He then goes into a regenerative state. This is why men are completely done at the end, roll over, and go to sleep. But, just like women, the male body is capable of experiencing various forms of pleasure too. Here are a few of the different orgasms a man with male genitalia, can achieve:

1) Ejaculatory (most common)
2) Anal
3) Prostate and many more….

This is not an exhaustive list and continues to grow as male bodies are wired for pleasure.  To learn about these and other ones, join our upcoming workshops starting in May 2020.

Some of these orgasms are taboo and are not discussed openly. However, it is time that we change that. Men, do not deny yourself of pleasure. Learn the tools and techniques necessary to reach your full orgasmic potential. Start today!

Pleasure is the journey, not the destination!


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